it’s all too much sometimes.

Have you had an experience that completely makes you question who you are? It’s important and it isn’t at the same time… I’m finding ways to be open and confident with the world even though to an introvert like me, it seems almost impossible. Sage and sandalwood cleansing my sunstone to help me with self esteem healing.

the universe conspires to give you what you desire when you don’t allow outside circumstances influence the energy you put out.

i think the trees are the music.

you have the power of the sun shining through your eyelids, and one day you’ll realize you can overcome anything.

don’t let anyone make you feel bad about your decisions, guys…those are yours and yours alone.

all work and no play makes jack a dull boy

flesh tones

so apparently I was a poet, fairy godmother, and witch in my past life.

im getting finger tattoos in austin this weekend and covering them up with rings for my new job c:

at times i neglect to remember that my darling has amazing taste in music, and when i realize it i’m (shock and awe) all over again.

dark autumn days with my lover and vinyl mmmmyeah

working at home is seriously the best thing in existence :3

anyone that dresses as a different race, making a mockery out of poc cultures this halloween will have their homes teepeed by unnamed youths!

who cares what people call you…hug those trees c:

Opaque  by  andbamnan